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Wednesday, 04 April 2012


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Erik Platz

Would you happen to know what plant grows in our back yard? During most of the year the leaves remind me of a popcorn plant. Once a year long stalks grow that remind me somewhat of rhubarb, and a beautiful 'lilly looking flower' blooms. (pink, red & white)

Michael Spencer

Hmmm…why not send me a photo? ms@msadesign.comm

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We wish we had known Michael years ago…he’s patient, very knowledgeable, and keen on saving money…
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Thank you Michael…for the sort of professional advice that will help us set a proper course for our community and give us the tools to alleviate residents' concerns.
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Michael was reading our minds! He knew our problems before we did, and had alternative solutions for us…he knew how to see through our eyes. How does he do that?
____________________________________ A Pelican Marsh Community sends this:
Michael’s smart design sense and plant choices have saved us maintenance and mulch expense…