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Sunday, 08 April 2012


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Pyotr Zealot

"modern women" according to who? Hollywood? Effeminated, homosexualized feminazi liberal society? In the real world little miss Katpiss would be bitch slapped by a large dominant man and sent back to the kitchen. Send the Anglo whore to Afghanistan. and see how her liberal masculinization of "modern women" work their. Let her try her little womanly bow and arrow against a Muhj with a fucking AK 74 or RPG. Give me a fucking break, sissified fag!!

Michael Spencer

I've decided that, at least for now, I'll allow any idiot to post comments, which pretty much speak for themselves.

Knock yourself out.

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We wish we had known Michael years ago…he’s patient, very knowledgeable, and keen on saving money…
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Thank you Michael…for the sort of professional advice that will help us set a proper course for our community and give us the tools to alleviate residents' concerns.
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Michael was reading our minds! He knew our problems before we did, and had alternative solutions for us…he knew how to see through our eyes. How does he do that?
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Michael’s smart design sense and plant choices have saved us maintenance and mulch expense…